Introduction to Companion Planting

Companion Planting is an ancient gardening technique that involves strategically planting different crops together to maximize mutual benefits. This book explores the fundamental principles of companion planting and its historical significance. Illustrates the advantages of companion planting:better pest control, better nutrient absorption and higher crop yield.Furthermoreprovides a list of popular companion plant combinations and explains […]

Companion Planting for Pest Management

In the challenge of managing pests in gardens, Companion Planting can serve as a natural and eco-friendly solution. In fact, there are companion plants with parasite-repellent properties: for example, marigolds release substances that discourage nematodes.Companion Planting fits into the broader concept of integrated pest management and biodiversity reduces the risk of widespread parasitic infestations. There […]

Maximizing Yield through Companion Planting

Companion Planting is not only about pest control but also about optimizing the overall yield and health of the garden. Some plants have complementary growth patterns, such as tall plants providing shade for shorter ones. Explain how these interactions contribute to a more efficient use of space and resources. Companion Planting can improve soil health […]